Very innovative and fun games. We have an Olhausen billiards table and were bored after a couple of years with the same games. Found yuour site and wr're reinvigorated with interest in billiards. Thanks Ross Billiards

Alex B - TX


Nice people and fun/creative games "Scratch is my favorite.

Cory H - OH

This is a good rack and fun to play with. Met these guys at the Super Billiards Expo, they are great guys, anyone that does not have one of these racks needs to contact them and get one.

Dave P - PA

4 reasons to buy the KING15 Top Rack 1-Rack does not touch the cloth. 2-Table dot remains in view. 3-Consistent tight racks regardless of experience. 4-One solid piece construction with flared design for ease of use.  Equipment is used professionally around the world - KING15 Top Rack produces consistent tight racks for sledge hammer breaks.

I found myself being inexperienced and incurious with billiards due to the slow pace of the games offered. After interacting with Ross Billiards products and Games my curiosity for billiards has only elevated. I enjoy the strategy of the games and the multiple skill levels because I have none. The result is camaraderie with my friends and family! Looking forward to making myself an experienced billiards shooter. Thanks for bringing back the enthusiasm of playing games with friends.

Sashi P - OH

Ross Billiards Promoter: Ramireo "La Bala" Hernandez - Professional Boxer "The KING15 is a KNOCKOUT!"

Ross Billiards promoter: Dee's Lakeside Billiards - We proudly use and sell Ross Billiard Products "Experience the excitement with us"

I have shown this rack to many players that play 8 ball, 9 ball and 10 ball. At first they didn't know what to think of it being the creatures of habit pool players are. After using the rack for a while they all loved it! ‚ÄčI HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS RACK!!

Steve M -NY- the commish at bayshore                         14.1 league


I own this rack and it's awesome. A sound investment for sure...if you don't believe me? ask me....

Conway P - Canada

We love it btw!

Donna H -FL- Hustlers Billiard Supply

Your rack is  Awesome!

Ryan B - UT

The rack is awesome and the games are a blast.

Jay S - OH

I love this rack.

Greg A - GA

You actually built a better mouse trap!

Joe B. -NY- owner of Broadway Billiards

What a product! I have received 2 King15 Racks and I must say that they are worth every penny. It takes a couple of tries to get used to the rack sitting on top of the balls when moving the rack towards the dot, but o ce you get it down you are able to use it just like they show in the video. It is very easy and a perfect rack every time! I would recommend the product to anyone that is into billiards. The games that you can play with the racks are a blast to play for any level pool player. For instance, I am a pretty good pool player )6 in APA) and my brother has never played for any league, and we played a match of Ultimate 8 where I had to win 7 games to his 3, I shoot pool 4 times a week and he beat me 3 to 6. Ultimate 8 allows a lower skill leveled player to be able to stand a chance against someone of way higher skill. Dan and Mick are the founders of Ross Billiards and are some of the nicest men I have ever met.Do business with these guys, you won't regret it. 

Joseph B - LA

I was unsure with this rack at first. I felt clumsy with it because I simply was not used to racking with such ease. Once I gave it a chance I found it to work great.

Sandy M - IN