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One FREE ​Red ​professional ​"R" Ross Billiards ball  with each ​KING15 ​Top Rack  purchase for your gaming excitement. While supplies last. ​

​Also included, Game Card Directions for exciting new games, Ross Billiards Table Dots to lay out your table and Score Cards.

KING15 Top Racks have a unique swirl effect. ​NO TWO LOOK THE SAME. ​When ordering, shade of rack will vary from white to black. Rack shown is for visual reference only.

Most versatile billiard rack on the market

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* One solid piece (PVC)

​* Custom Marble / swirl design

​* Flanged surface for easy grip

* Rack sets on top portion of balls

* Notches for ball locations

*Highly visible top surface

​*Fits 2" - 2.5" diameter balls

This is the most versatile billiard rack on the market. It is used for classic pool and in conjunction with Ross Billiards games and billiard supplies. ​ One piece straight, angled, curved and constant. Rack any classic or international game (snooker included) and numerous others ranging from 1-21 balls. Place balls under, around or inside this multifunctional rack.


​​Ross Billiards ​KING15 ​Top Rack ​- INCLUDES


​* Seamless-Durable-Consistent

​* Each rack has a uniqueness, no two are alike

​* Fits any size or strength of hands

​* Rack does not touch cloth - easy view of dots

* Different style games and table layouts

* Excellent for advertising and name plaques

​* KING15 can be used on any table with balls ​ throughout the world

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KING15 Top Racks Produced in USA